I have herein communicated such Notions as I have gathered either from reading of several Authors, or by conferring sometimes with Scholars, and sometimes with Country people; To which I have added some Observations of mine own, never before published: Most of which I am confident are true, and if there be any that are not so, yet they are pleasant.

—William Cole, The Art of Simpling, 1656

Dear Reader:

For years now, China Bayles has been nagging me about writing a book primarily about herbs—no murder, mayhem, or other unsavory doings, just herbs and the ways they are used in people's lives. China isn't the only one, either. I regularly receive letters that ask for information about growing and using herbs and close with the plaintive question: "When are you and China going to write a book about herbs?"

The Herbal Book of Days is our answer. In it, China and I have adopted the traditional format of the book of days, or daybook: the personal calendar in which people over the centuries have recorded meaningful events, ideas, things to do and to celebrate, and fascinating facts.

And here's another answer: All About Thyme: A Weekly Calendar of Times & Seasonings. This free e-letter is all about the plants that have given us pleasure, eased our pain, seasoned our food, and fed our souls. It's all about growing, cooking, using, crafting, and enjoying. And it's all about our calendar, too—about the many ways that herbs and plants have connected our human lives to the changing times and seasons. Read a sample issue and subscribe below.

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Book of Days at Willow Pond Farm
Thanks to Madeline Wajda
at Willow Pond Farm
for the photo.