Susan's Podcasts

To listen to Susan's series of ten podcasts, "All About Thyme", visit the pages below.

  1. Parsley: The Herb that Doesn't Get the Respect it Deserves

  2. Rosemary for Remembrance

  3. The Magical, Mystical, Magnetic Onion

  4. Scented Geranium: The Herb with the Heavenly Fragrance

  5. Plantain: A "Weed" with Wanderlust

  6. Lovely, Luscious Lavender

  7. The Faithful Violet

  8. Why Ferns Can Make You Invisible!

  9. Foxglove: A Magical Medicine

  10. The Notorious Nettle

You might also enjoy Susan's February 2007 podcast about the publication of one of Story Circle Network's anthologies, What Wildness is This.

Artwork by Peggy Turchette