Susan Albert's Photo Albums

A Collection of Companion Photos
for Together, Alone: A Memoir of Marriage and Place

Animal Companions

  • /pix/bill_and_dogs.jpg

    Bill with Zach and Lady and visiting horses

    Bill with dogs
  • /pix/ducks.jpg

    The ducks: Creamy Wheat, Moby Duck, and SnowWhite, with Grumpy, Bashful, Sneezy, and Sleepy

  • /pix/sheep.jpg

    The Barbado Family of sheep

  • /pix/bravo.jpg

    Bravo the Burro, with Texas the Longhorn

    Bravo the Burro
  • /pix/chickens.jpg

    A gaggle of glamorous chicks, with their rooster

  • /pix/geese.jpg

    The geese: Mutt and Jeff

  • /pix/blossomtexas.jpg

    The longhorns: Blossom and Texas

    Blossom and Texas
  • /pix/Zach.jpg

    Zach on a bluebonnet morning

  • /pix/Lady.jpg

    Lady, taking a break

  • /pix/Toro.jpg

    Toro, stalking the cat

  • /pix/OJ_Gorby.jpg

    Gone, but never forgotten: OJ and Gorby

    OJ, Gorby
  • /pix/Shadow.jpg

    Shadow, the inscrutable

  • /pix/Molly.jpg

    Molly, waiting patiently for dinner


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