Work of Her Own

A Woman's Guide to Creating a Right Livelihood

Work of Her Own    "A fine, inspiring study of women's work." —Publishers Weekly

"If you're rethinking your work, this is essential reading." —Booklist

"This book brings clarity and hope to the often confusing process of change." —Maureen Murdock, author of The Heroine's Journey

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If you feel discouraged about your creative options in the workplace, frustrated with entrenched beliefs that don't reflect your values, and disillusioned about your career, Susan's book will help you. It tells her own personal story—the worklife she left, the reasons why, the contentment she found in new work and a new life. It also tells the stories of over a hundred other women who left positions of leadership and authority to create work that expresses more deeply who they are as women. You will be inspired by the stories of these career-leavers and find in them the practical guidance you need to take this courageous step on your own.